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Our story and information about Dallas County Cremation Service.

After being in the funeral service for many years, Ingram Funeral Home saw the financial need for a low-cost cremation service in Dallas County and formed ABBA Cremation Service & Mortuary. We’d love to share more information about Dallas Cremation Service.

ABBA Cremation Service & Mortuary began making cremation services in Dallas County available in 2012 and has been able to proudly serve and save residents literally thousands of dollars and providing a much needed relief to the cost of funeral services in Dallas County.

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Our Commitment To Families

Cremation is just as caring a form of final disposition as burial. Our crematories are operated by people who understand that. We are dedicated to giving families options and our ABBA Cremation Options’ is proof of our loyal dedication to those that choose cremation as their way of remembering a life lived.

Our ABBA Options provide unlimited possibilities for creating a tribute that truly reflects the unique person inside each of us.

Things you should know about ABBA Cremations…

  • Our crematories are operated by dedicated people with respect for the deceased and the loved ones they have left behind.
  • For dignity and respect, we are required to cremate the deceased in a rigid container, such as a casket or other alternative container (included in all ABBA options) approved for cremation.
  • We complete and file any necessary paperwork such as death certificates, social security, life insurance, veteran’s benefits and cremation permits.
  • With ABBA options you may arrange a complete cremation from the comfort of your own home.

Life Stories By Mona

Capturing the memories your heart will never forget.

Every life has a story to tell… and Life Stories is committed to the excellence of making sure that story is told in a beautiful and lasting way. Creating a visual legacy on DVD that honors and pays tribute to someone you love is a priceless treasure.

Using your photographs, your favorite music, and your memories, Life Stories produces a customized DVD that highlights special moments, personality, and the special qualities of a precious life.

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