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cost of cremation in Dallas County

Dallas County Cremations are $675 with our ABBA Direct Option Cremation package.

This is the total cost of cremation in Dallas County with no hidden fees. 

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Price of a Cremation in Dallas –

Made Simple

ABBA Direct Option Cremation brings simplicity to pre-planning or immediate need. Our plan is priced at $675 inside Dallas County and payment options are available for pre-need.

We are a family owned and operated service with our main focus on the comfort of the family and providing a service at an affordable price.

We offer the same respectful and professional services offered by other crematories that charge much more.

ABBA Direct Option


Direct Option Includes

  • Complete arrangements from the comfort of your own home
  • Professional services of licensed funeral director & staff
  • Removal from place of death (within service area)
  • All crematory fees
  • Sanitary care of loved ones
  • Alternative cremation container
  • Temporary urn (suitable for burial or scattering)
  • Shipping/presentation box for urn
  • Complete filing of all necessary paperwork (death certificate, social security, insurance, report of death, veteran’s benefits)

While searching for the way to honor the memory of your loved one, the cost and price for cremation service in Dallas County is a big concern to most people looking for a cremation service as the answer.  Our Dallas County Cremation Services, offered by Ingram Funeral Home and Abba Cremation and Mortuary, you are able to provide a loving and special memory for their final service.

You can take care of all the details by phone and email.
For more information, contact us at 214-748-1700. We will be happy to answer all your questions.
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